Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke is perhaps the biggest name in the E Cigarette world thanks to the fact their product has been on the market for over 3 years and they have been popular with customers since the start. Green Smoke have always worked tirelessly to make improvements to ensure they have the most advanced e cigarette your money can buy. They were one of the first manufacturers to introduce the 2 piece e cig design and the recent introduction of the Flavormax cartridges to their range has put them at the top of my list of the most desirable electronic cigarettes in the world. Thankfully they are only too happy to ship to Australia so we don’t have to miss out!

What do you get for your money?


Green Smoke offers a huge variety of starter kits these days so there is something for everyone, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for or how much you want to spend. Their product range includes the following kits for people looking to get into vaping:

Pro Kit – This one comes with everything you could need to make the Green Smoke a complete substitute for tobacco and is yours for $129 plus $11 postage to Australia. There’s a couple of batteries, 10 nicotine filled cartomizers, a USB Cigarette, USB charger, and Wall and Car Adapter.

Ultimate Kit – If you are serious about vaping full-time then the ultimate kit could be the one for you. Buy this one and you’ll receive all the things that come with the Pro Kit plus an extra battery, an extra USB charger and a nice little carry case to use when you are out and about.

Express Kit
– This one is for people who are light smokers or just want to try the e cig to see if it’s for them. It comes with a single battery and one pack of cartomizers for a low price of $89.99.

U-Power Kit – The U-Power kit is for smokers who have constant access to a power point or USB port on a computer. You don’t get a battery with this kit so you have to plug in your device to a power source to get your hit.

For someone buying their first starter kit I recommend the Pro kit. It has everything you need to get vaping full time, a couple of batteries, 10 cartomizers, and a variety of charging options to keep you powered up. The pro kit also features a USB cigarette which allows you to take power directly from your computer, eliminating the need for a battery altogether.

Flavormax Cartomizers


The cartomizer is the part of the e cigarette that screws into the battery. It contains the nicotine liquid and a component called an atomizer which vaporizers the liquid when you inhale. In terms of the vaping experience the cartomizer is the most important part of the device and the unique Flavormax carts offered by Green Smoke are the reason this brand also ranks so highly with users.

Flavormax are a step above the carts offered by all other manufacturers and are the result of a huge amount of research to produce the quality product possible. They use a wicking technology which ensures only the liquid is heated when you inhale so there’s no plastic flavor like you get with many other brands when the carts start to run out.

Flavormax don’t come in as many flavors as some of the other brands out there such as V2, but the ones they sell are awesome. You can choose from the following:

  1. Absolute Tobacco
  2. Menthol Ice
  3. Mocha Mist
  4. Red Label Tobacco
  5. Smooth Chocolate
  6. Vanilla Dreams

A rundown of why Green Smoke is the best e cigarette

There are a variety of reasons why I recommend people opt for this brand over all the others currently available. The most important are:

  1. The best vapor production on the market. Take a big draw on a Green Smoke and you will be amazed at the amount of vapor that’s produced. There’s a reason why this e cig is known by many people as the “Vapor Monster”.
  2. In my opinion they have the best tasting tobacco carts you will find. Green Smoke were always good in this department but since their Flavormax carts hit the store they have moved into a new league.
  3. The cartridges stay fresh for longer than all other brands thanks to the improved packaging they have developed. I know this for sure as a found a cart at the back of my drawer that had been there for over 6 months and it still tasted as good as the day it was made :)
  4. Batteries have been developed by, and are unique to Green Smoke. Many companies out there are using off-the-shelf batteries which are off an inferior quality. Green Smokes last longer between charges than batteries of the same size from other companies.
  5. Lifetime warranty – This company recently started offering a limited lifetime warranty on their batteries. If yours stops working then the company will send you out a new one free of charge.
  6. 30 day money back guarantee – Buy a Green Smoke and decide you’d rather stick with tobacco? No problem, you can return your starter kit and get your money back no questions asked.
  7. Postage for a starter kit to Australia is super cheap at under 12 bucks

What Would I Like To See Green Smoke Improve?

Thanks to the efforts put in by Green Smoke there is little to be improved with the vaping experience the product provides. They do need to get a portable charging pack onto their range so we have an easy way to recharge batteries when we aren’t at home, but this is something they are currently working on and should be available soon.

Obviously I’d also like to see Green Smoke Kits available at a lower price but I suppose that would always be the case, even though they already offer good value for what you get. Indeed, up until about 6 months ago you didn’t even get a USB cigarette in the company’s starter kits so things are already moving in the right direction in terms of pricing.


Search the web for e cigarette reviews and you will see many bloggers list this brand at the top for vaping experience and it’s not hard to see why. It has the best vapor production you’ll find along with excellent batteries and a customer service department renowned for their willingness to help if you have a problem. I have no problem recommending Green Smoke as the best option for someone looking to buy their first starter kit and the fact they ship to Australia for such a low cost can only make them even more attractive to vapers down under.

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