Eversmoke Review


Unlike the Green Smoke and V2 e cigs which I’ve reviewed previously I don’t have a lot of experience with the Eversmoke brand. It’s a product which hasn’t been on the market for a that long, but it has quickly gathered a lot of great reviews from some of the biggest e cigarette websites in the US. For this reason I was eager to get my hands on it to see if it lived up to the hype.

Eversmoke were good enough to send me a Basic Starter kit free of charge. This is the least well equipped kit in their range and comes with the following:

  1. A high-powered large e cigarette battery
  2. A USB charger
  3. A wall charging adapter
  4. 5 nicotine cartomizers – I choose tobacco carts but you select whichever flavor you prefer.

Delivery time

It took an absolute age to get my starter kit delivered to Sydney from the USA. I was informed my package had been sent almost immediately but it didn’t arrive until about a month later. It’s possible the delay was due to customs so I can’t really put the blame on Eversmoke until I make another order to see if the same thing happens again. For comparison purposes I’ll point out that my Green Smoke kit arrived in a few days although I feel the difference could just be down to luck rather than a failing on the part of Eversmoke.

Initial Thoughts

eversmoke e cigarette comparison

The Eversmoke is obviously a high quality piece of kit and that’s something which is apparent as soon as you open the package. The box your kit comes in is well constructed with nice branding and everything inside points to the fact this is one of the better brands on the market at the moment. The battery and carts have a very nice feel to them and the chargers are branded as they should be.

The size of the Eversmoke I was sent is comparable to products sold by the Green Smoke and Bullsmoke, as you can see from the photograph on the right.

Vaping Experience

The most important thing about any e cigarette is whether or not it’s a joy to smoke on. In this department I would say the Eversmoke is probably my least favorite of the brands I have reviewed so far for this site, but that is not to say I wouldn’t be happy using this product on an everyday basis.

Although I prefer the taste of the Green Smoke, V2 and Bullsmoke, I think the vast majority of smokers are going to be very happy if they decide to buy this brand of e cigarette. The flavor of the carts is certainly much better than the products at the lower end of the market such as Apollo, Breathe Fresh and Nicotek. On top of that you have great vapor production which equals everything I’ve tried except the Green Smoke.

Battery Life


Eversmoke are proud of the technology which has gone into producing their batteries and it’s easy to see why. You get plenty of time to enjoy the vaping experience before you have to recharge. With the larger battery they offer you should find you get a full day of vaping out of it as long as you aren’t puffing on it constantly.

Battery life might not seem like it’s all that important when you are trying to decide which brand to go for, but there’s nothing more frustrating than running out of power when you are dying for a nicotine hit and don’t have a backup to hand.


Eversmoke e cigs are a very high quality product which deserves a place on your short list, but if you are looking to get the best of the best they might not be your brand of choice for e cigarettes available in Australia. The Green Smoke in my opinion gives a more satisfying vaping experience with superior vapor and better flavors, and it also seems to get delivered to customers in this country a lot quicker with a lower shipping cost. Check out my Green Smoke review to get more information about this particular brand.

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