When I arrived in Australia at the end of 2010 I was horrified to discover e cigarettes containing nicotine couldn’t be legally sold in this country. The only devices I could obtain from Australian vendors were nicotine-free, which kind of defeated the purpose of using this tobacco replacement. A long term user of these products I did my research and leant it was possible to import my favorite e cigs from manufacturers in the USA, and with the current strength of the Aussie dollar I could get what I needed at bargain prices.

E Cigarette Review Australia is my attempt to educate smokers who are looking to switch from tobacco that there are other options out there instead of the useless nicotine-free cigs available locally.

With three years vaping under my belt I know a thing or two about what makes an electronic cigarette worth buying. So it makes sense to read my reviews before you buy to ensure you don’t waste your cash on something you aren’t going to use.