Overview of the Best E Cigarettes

Green Smoke


Green Smoke has been my favorite e cigarette for almost three years now. I found this product when it had only been on the market for few months at a time when I was fed up with e cigs that leaked all over the place, had rubbish vapor, and unpleasant flavor. Green Smoke was a revelation thanks to it’s unique (at the time) 2 piece design which meant you no longer had to worry about changing atomisers on a regular to ensure a pleasant vaping experience.

The introduction of the Flavormax cartomizer from this company last year has ensured they stay ahead of the pack and for someone living in Australia there is no better choice if you want to get your hands on an electronic cigarette containing nicotine. Not only is this e cigarette the best on the market in terms of quality but they offer very economical shipping rates compared to other US vendors, and their customer service department is second to none.

V2 Cigs

V2 have been available for a couple of years and they didn’t waste any time in getting a reputation for quality products at reasonable prices. There are a couple of reasons why many people choose this brand over it’s competitors.

The first of which is the fact they have a great range of flavors available including three different tobacco blends, cola and Peppermint. Their carts are very consistent and provide the very nice amount of vapor with a satisfying taste.

V2 cigs also have a whole host of accessories in their store which can make using them more exciting then many of the other products on the market. These include such things are a very cool portable charging pack, a powerful USB cigarette, and a well designed soft case.

Although I usually recommend V2 to many people looking to get a new starter kit the cost of shipping to Australia makes them a slightly unattractive option compared to other brands.

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Ever Smoke

The Eversmoke E Cigarette

Ever Smoke are new to the market but are brought to us buy the same company who has been selling South Beach Smokes in the US for a couple of years. This company knows what it’s doing when it comes to branding and their products are definitely worth a look. Their claim to fame is their long lasting batteries which are as good as any others on the market.

Ever Smoke’s most popular starter kit is a bit cheaper than Green Smoke but it doesn’t come with a USB cigarette and they charge more for shipping to Australia. In my view this makes Green Smoke a better choice.

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Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke e cigarettes are a product I tried for the first time only very recently but they are a company who has hit the market with a bang. They are obviously looking to quickly grab market share from the big players by offering a quality e cig with several points to differentiate it from the competition. With Bull Smoke you get a basic starter kit at an ultra low price of just $59US. It comes with everything you need to get started and is surprisingly good when you take the cost into consideration. There is also the offer of a 365 day money back guarantee for those of you who are not sure if you are going to like vaping compared to your regular tobacco products. I’m not sure if this is such a big selling point for those of us in Australia though as we’ve got the added expense of having to ship the Bull Smoke all the way back to the States if we decide it’s not for us.

Bull Smoke have a very nice portable charging kit which is sure to appeal to those of you who are out of the house a lot and need to be able to recharge batteries on the go. On top of that they have a selection of three different types of battery to ensure you can get one that’s the right size for your requirements.

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